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Interviews / videos

Interviewed by Miles Johnston [YouTube]
Qui suis-je? Qui sont-ils? [Vimeo]
Who am I? Who are they? [Vimeo]
Interviewed by Ramola D [YouTube]
Interviewed by Ramola D [YouTube]

Book (English version)

Introduction. Who Am I? Who are they? 2600 words - 10 minutes reading
1989, my first contacts with Gladio. Dealing with the Russians. Informed of a famous murder. 3767 words - 13 minutes reading
2007-1, Informed of a new murder, I must go. 1900 words - 7 minutes reading
2007-2, Thailand, dirty money and European mafia... 1702 words - 6 minutes reading
2008-Trapped by the European crime. I had to develop a fraud application. 1050 words - 4 minutes reading
2008-Forced by the high officer to work for organized crime. No possibility to escape. 1050 words - 4 minutes reading

Le livre (version française)

Introduction. Qui suis-je ? Qui sont-ils ? 2800 mots - 10 minutes de lecture
1989, premiers contacts avec Gladio et le crime organisé. 4433 mots - 15 minutes de lecture
2007-1, Informé d'un nouveau meutre, je dois partir. 1903 mots - 7 minutes de lecture
2007-2, La Thaïlande, son argent sale et sa mafia européenne. 1834 mots - 7 minutes de lecture