The New Zealand authorities and agencies and other agencies including MI5, FBI and the Belgian agencices (HQ of Gladio are in Belgium) and the French agencies, have been warned that these attacks have been orchestrated by Gladio (NATO/CIA) by email on Saturday March 16, 03:34 CET. Since the attacks and the (fake) videos of the attack in New Zealand have been done by Gladio, which has signed this attack on their server 4 hours before it occurred, they decided to keep all evidence of their job on their Server. Their server got already in real time the signature of 300 other attacks in 2 years around the world. See the story below. This include Las Vegas, Paris, Brussels, London, Manchester, St Petersbourg, Moscou, Barcelona, Parkland, Santa fe... The reason of this: Gladio, emanation, of NATO/CIA manage the individuals through nano implants in their brain, to achieve their false flag operations. A false Flag Operation is everything destinated to give a cause which is not the real cause.

The 3 videos that Gladio has on this server are:

    The white suppremacists has nothing to do with that story, but they have been used to attack Muslims through Mind Control. The final goal of Gladio is to push and to explain the future revenge from Muslims against Christians. Belgium received on March 18, a threat by email about a massive shooting from Muslims to revenge the Muslims dead in New Zealand. But all sides and attacks are powered by Gladio covered by authorities ; Action and reciprocity!

    The book bellow is the story of Gladio for more than 20 years. It is, at the very minute, when Marc Delantre just wrote the last sentence of the French version of this book, that the attacks in New Zealand occured. Other attacks will occur when he will have finished the English version, and the worse will come when both ended version will be online.

    The Gladio Code - The story - Updates

    Status: ALERT


    Interviews / videos

    Interviewed by Miles Johnston [YouTube]
    Qui suis-je? Qui sont-ils? [Vimeo]
    Who am I? Who are they? [Vimeo]
    Interviewed by Ramola D [YouTube]
    Interviewed by Ramola D [YouTube]

    Book (English version)

    Introduction. Who Am I? Who are they? 2600 words - 10 minutes reading
    1989, my first contacts with Gladio. Dealing with the Russians. Informed of a famous murder. 3767 words - 13 minutes reading
    2007-1, Informed of a new murder, I must go. 1900 words - 7 minutes reading
    2007-2, Thailand, dirty money and European mafia... 1702 words - 6 minutes reading
    2008-Trapped by the European crime. I had to develop a fraud application. 1050 words - 4 minutes reading
    2008-Forced by the high officer to work for organized crime. No possibility to escape. 1050 words - 4 minutes reading

    Le livre (version française)

    Introduction. Qui suis-je ? Qui sont-ils ? 2800 mots - 10 minutes de lecture
    1989, premiers contacts avec Gladio et le crime organisé. 4433 mots - 15 minutes de lecture
    2007-1, Informé d'un nouveau meutre, je dois partir. 1903 mots - 7 minutes de lecture
    2007-2, La Thaïlande, son argent sale et sa mafia européenne. 1834 mots - 7 minutes de lecture